1650 technical questions



Trying to help a friend resolve some issues with his 1650. 1) Does anyone know what waypoint/data format this unit accepts? (for instance, to load waypoints onto the unit via the memory card) Not sure if Furuno has their own proprietary format or if they use an industry standard / generic format. 2) also having trouble finding the memory card for sale; I hear they are expensive. Does anyone know where he can purchase one?
3) he's having some issues with his sonar reception (seems to be working ok, returns a bottom signal, but doesn't mark structure or fish). He claims to have tried adjusting all of the settings, but you know how that goes, lol. Any suggestions appreciated. 3B) if it turns out his transducer is bad, what is the best replacement transducer to use with a 1650? Thanks!!
Hello badbouys,

The data format to a memory card is proprietary. The best method to upload and download data to and from the display is with a PC. There are a number of free / shareware programs online that will allow your PC to transfer data to and from your friend's GP1650.

The memory cards are still available, but it is complicated, at best, to follow that path. The issue there is that as cards became unavailable, new versions had to be sourced. Each new version required a new software version in the display. Now, if your friend's display isn't up to the current software version, it can't use the current card. To update to the latest version, you need to save the waypoints and routes first, so they won't be lost. To do that, you need the current card. It can be done to a PC, but depending on the age of his software, it may end up that the display needs to be sent to Furuno anyway.

The only other option, is to go with the original memory cards. Those should still work. The problem there is that anyone who has one, probably has it on a chain around their neck for safe-keeping. Those original cards are like gold now.

For the sounder issue, I recommend that your friend find a time, during the week, when he can call Furuno Tech Support while he is on the boat, in the water. There are a number of steps that the Furuno Techs can run him through to either solve the issue, or at least narrow it down and help point him in a logical direction.

Thanks for the info, Hurricane! How can he tell what software version he is running? I didn't see anything in the manual. I'll be checking into the PC connection issues; I assume he'll need to buy a cable (part number?).
Hello badbouys,

The part number for the cable is FUR-DWN-CBL. You can order that from your local authorized Furuno dealer.

To check the program number, follow these menu steps.


It is the Program # that you need to verify. There are a few variations, do it would be best if you could provide me the number so I can look it up.

I'm in Atlanta Ga, so there's no such thing as a local authorized Furuno dealer, LOL. But no worries; I'm sure we can track it down. Hopefully I'll have the program # for you early next week (unit is on the boat in Destin). Thank you SO much for your help!