1623 Radar Unit



When I moved the antenna for my 1623 unit to a new position, it no longer works. Of course I had to remove the cable and reinstall it and I think I did it correctly because I wrote down all of the wire colors and where they went on the plug. Now, in trying to troubleshoot the system I can't tell what each wire attached to the antenna does. I would like very much to know what the hot wire and the ground wire are specifically. The wiring diagram that came with the manual doesn't help me at all. I would like to see if the antenna is getting any power at all.
Page S-1 of the manual shows the interconnection and labeled wiring/color code.
There are high voltages that are generated inside the scanner. It is best that you contact a qualified tech to evaluate the radar.
I would like to know just what two wires would power the antenna motor. It must run on some low voltage doesn't it?
I want to know f the unit is getting power to the antenna.
The motor voltage is stepped/clocked so unless you have an oscilloscope it isn't tested so easily. It is a 12 Volt DC Stepper signal.