1621 Shut Off After TX Cycle Completed



The unit turns on, then after pressing the TX button it takes the usual 1 minute 30 seconds to warm up, then it just shuts off. This just started on the last trip. Any ideas what's happening? Did the the array go out out? The unit is about 15 years old.
Have you checked/watched the power when the unit is turned on? If you power is falling below specs it will cause issues. If power is good; try removing the radar cable from the back of the display and see if it will pass the warm-up time without powering off. The display should come to STBY without a scanner cable connected. If it shuts down without a scanner; you got a problem in the display.
Thanks, I will try these tests and report back. If the unit stays on without the scanner plugged in, then what's the problem?
It still could be a problem in the display (where the power board can't handle the load of the scanner) but it would be more likely that the scanner or scanner cable has a short someplace.
OK finally got to do this test. Unplugged the radar cable and the display returns to STBY after the TX cycle period ends. So what does this mean?
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Sounds like it is time to get a qualified dealer involved or send the unit into our factory service center.