1621 MARK-2



This is an older unit and I am wondering if it is capable to be connected to show targets on chart plotter? (nmea0183, nmea2000).
No. I am sorry this standalone radar and has no way to work with a chart plotter for radar video. You can pass NMEA 0183 data like GPS to the radar for display on the NAV screen but only basic NMEA data not radar video.
GP32: 1621MK2
White (Tx+)------------------------------------------------- Yellow (Rx+)
Blue (Tx-)---------------------------------------------------- Green (Rx-)

Then open the GP32 operators manual and reference 9.4 Initial settings. Please use Data 1 NMEA Rem-1 or NMEA AP if you use the GP32 to goto waypoints.

It would be best to wire the interface using the proper colors.

I don't believe anything will be damaged I am just surprised it worked? Yellow and Green on the GP32 is: RS232 TX and RX, so it it would be best to wire using the White and Blue of GP32.