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Would it be possible to have a "magic box" that would allow wireless control of a NN3D via (for example) Ipad as the new app for NNTZ does?
You can have a wireless mouse via usb port so why not wireless to ipad for system control. This would be a great help on the flybridge.
It sounds like a good after market device. Since Furuno has the TZtouch system, and it can work with the NN3D, I doubt it is something that Furuno would develop. I will pass the word over to product development. Welcome to the Forum.
"Since Furuno has the TZtouch system, and it can work with the NN3D, I doubt it is something that Furuno would develop."

In my case, and I suspect the same is true with the majority of NN3D users, my investment in NN3D was based, in part, on the idea that Furuno would support it with future software upgrades. The suggestion that Furuno would not support NN3D because it would compete with a newer product line is disappointing, if it is true.
You are requesting not only software changes but hardware changes after the fact. This isn't as simple as you think....space for the new hardware... power requirements....heat dissipation...testing...certifications. I was honest with you, it is very doubtful.

It is possible to run a mixed NN3D system with the TZT to get the wireless features you desire. The option is there.

The NN3D is a ground breaking system and most customers are very happy with it. Software updates and minor development changes will continue. No one has abandoned the NN3D but there is a limit to changes you will see going forward. The NN3D is a developed product. The TZT in some areas still doesn't have all the features currently offered by the NN3D, and we will see much more development with it.

My Kindle Fire won't do many of things now offered by the Kindle Fire HD but that is sadly; life.

As I said before, this site is to provide assistance and answers. You might not always like the answer, but most people appreciate the help.
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