Windows 8 Compatability

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No, the current version of MaxSea (both TZ and Classic) is NOT compatable with Windows 8. (Good question) MaxSea is working on a compatible version but it will most likey not be available until sometime in 2013.
MYNomad: I asked this same question directly of MaxSea just last week and their email'd reply says "...from the beginning of 2013", if that is of any comfort.
Hi, Just checking in to see if there has been any news on this issue. I actually had MSTZ running on Win 8 after a upgrade from Win 7 but couldn't get SQL ( at least the MS version ) to run on a clean install, Win 8 requires SQL with sp1 but the prerequisite version that comes with MSTZ won't install, at least for me.
I am not sure if MaxSea Classic will ever see a version for Windows 8, but they are working on a newer version of MaxSea TZ. It might require an upgrade price. There is no set release date or upgrade pricing, but an official announcement will be posted on the Furuno web site and the MaxSea web site when it is available.
It works on win8 but its tricky and no plain installation.
We are pleased to announce a major update for our revolutionary MaxSea TimeZero Software. MaxSea TimeZero Navigator and Explorer v2.0.2 is now available and includes many new features including Windows 8 Compatibility.

Hardware requirements can be found by clicking the link and the system requirement tab:
Navigator ... _navigator
Explorer ... o_explorer

Use this link for a full description of improvements included with this major update ... pgrade.pdf

Furuno USA Customers who purchased MaxSea TZ software between December 6th, 2012 and April 9th, 2013 are eligible for a one-time FREE upgrade to MaxSea TZ version 2. Requests should be sent to for complimentary unlock codes.

Customers who purchased MaxSea TZ software prior to December 6th, 2012 will be required to pay a $100 List Price Upgrade Fee (the first "for pay" update in many years). Please see your local authorized dealer to order, with your existing license number.

Existing TimeZero v1 customers updating to v2 will need to re-activate their license after installing the upgrade on their computer. A new Unlock Module Code (UM) and Chart Unlock Codes (UC) will be required (codes will be sent by MaxSea after the order is processed).

After updating with MaxSea or your dealer, the update process (including re-activation and new unlock codes) is fully automatic when connected to the internet. Once the V2 order is placed and confirmed, MaxSea will automatically apply the new Codes to your software the first time the software is launched.

If you don't have an Internet connection, you will need to contact Technical Support to get your manual activation code and chart unlock codes. (On-screen prompts will instruct you to contact Technical Support the first time you launch the new version).

Download Links:
Click on the link below to download the full content of the DVD that is shipped with all new MaxSea TZ orders. This zip file contains the full MaxSea v2.0.2 installer as well as simulation files and various tools (for troubleshooting):
CAUTION: You must unzip the above file before installing the update. Launching the installer from the compressed zip file will result in a partial install.

Click on the link below to download a smaller, self-extracting version of the MaxSea v2.0.2 installer (no need to unzip):

All MaxSea TimeZero Navigator and Explorer orders placed on or after April 10th, 2013 include the new V2 DVDs and unlock codes.

For additional features and specifications, including product brochures, tech tips and more, visit the TZ Navigator and TZ Explorer product pages at

Upgrade to MaxSea TimeZero version 2 software to experience the most advanced navigation software on the market today!
Nice news for the new upgrade and compatibility with Windows 8. Now i have a very good Windows 7 laptop with MaxSea TZ Explorer and it works great. However i would like to buy a new additional laptop and it will be Windows 8. (one being the backup of the other if at sea one laptop cease to work). Since MaxSea support to simulaneous licences and it is said that new code are required, will the scenario of having two computers (one W7 and the other W8) is functionnal ?


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