Waypoints from one MFD do not show up in another


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I need a bit of advice.
Last weekend I noticed an issue that was not there before. I have 2 MFD12s on my flybridge. I use one for radar and the other for plotter/sounder. I noticed that the selected waypoint for "Go To" on the plotter MFD was not being picked up by the radar MFD... I had never had this before. I selected the same waypoint manually on the radar MFD, pressed "Go To" and it worked fine then. Next waypoint, same thing, all over, again. I did not have time to investigate further and will be away from my boat for a couple of weeks ( I currently get very little time on the boat...).
What is the most likely cause? Disconnected wire, inadvertently changed the set-up? :huh What should I investigate first? :think

Thank you for your help!
NN3D MFD units keep the waypoints in sync with each another. I suspect that you (or someone else) turned off the display of the active route on the radar unit. On the radar screen, turn the Roto-key and ensure your ACTIVE RTE is highlighted to be ON. If you don't see the finger selection (ACTIVE RTE) on the Roto-key, please hold in the Roto-key to enable all fingers and then verify the setting.