waypoint transfer/backup



I have a navionice navnet 2. I researched the posts on here and got the basics. I am using a 2 GB SD card that is formatted to FAT16. When I transfer the waypoints from the NN2 to the SD card, I get a .ROU file. I am opening the file in GPS Utility software. When I open the file, I have all of the waypoints, however they don't have the waypoint names. The waypoints only have numbers.

Is it correct that the machine only saves a .ROU file and a .WPT file? Is there a way to get the names to transfer to the file?


When waypoints & routes are saved on a Vx2, two files are used. 1650B.ROU and 1650.RAT. You might speak to the support guys for GPS Utilities because the waypoint name is stored as part of the ROU file. Using "SeaMarks" program (www.Andren.com); I had no problems seeing and converting the NavNet files including the waypoint name.
I don't get a .RAT file. Is that where the routes are stored? the unit does not have any routes in it.

Thanks for the help.
It seems like everything is in the ROU file. The RAT file might be a hidden file, but it gets saved at the same time. Programs like Seamark or GPS utilities only need the ROU file to import both the waypoints and routes.