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I have what looks like lots of water spots that have dried on my 12" NavNat 3D display screen but they are seemingly not "cleanable", that is, the usual cleaners (glass, etc.) don't seem to work at all... I'm almost thinkig that somehow the spots are not on the surface, may have even somehow gotten underneath the screen??? (and I'm aware that the unit includes a screen removal tool so I guess I can check for this but does anyone know what an effective/safe cleaner is for these Furuno displays?). It's really weird that these spots are so hard to remove...


Like most marine plotters the MFD12 has an AR coating to assist with sunlight view ability. This surface should NEVER be cleaned with Windex ™ or other cleaners that damage the surface. When you get salt spray and other contaminates on the screen it should be washed clean with clear water and wiped dry with a microfiber cloth like the one included with the unit. If salt etches in the screen or the AR coating is damaged from other cleaners or contaminates, the only way to fix it, is to replace the LCD, which can be an expensive option. If you feel you need something better than water and microfiber cloth; then I would suggest products made specifically for marine displays like Electro-wipes. (www.bajaproducts.com) I am sure there are other suitable products that are alcohol and ammonia free, but this one is used only as an example, and not specifically endorsed by Furuno. The glass is bonded directly to the LCD, so you normally won’t see issues behind the glass. Please take care when cleaning and caring for your screen.
I have two Furuno NavNet multifunction (12 inch and 7 inch) screens in my flybridge of my 1982 Bertram 38 which were installed about six years ago and are now scratched and damaged from abuse. Can we get just the screens replaced, without having to replace the entire units? Does Furuno have a service center that will do the repairs? OR, is there an after market company that will do the replacement of just the screens?


You can send the units to:
Furuno USA Inc.
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas, WA 98607
ATTN: Repair

Please include a return address and contact number. We will contact you with an estimate. In the future do not clean the screens with anything but a little fresh water and a micro-fiber cloth.
Sorry for the long, long delay in this reply but I didn't realize that you had responded earlier. Do I need an authorization number for the shipping, or just package up the two panels and send them on to Furuno USA? Do you have a phone number for me to call there to be sure that they can do something with these panels/screens?
You do not need a repair authorization. Just send it in with a complete description and include a phone number where we might get in touch.
Our main phone number is 360-834-9300 but we will contact you once the units have been examined.

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