Water Clarity



I'm using a 585/TM260 combo. on the past few trips while deepdropping 600'-800', I haven't marked any fish on bottom but I know they are there because I am catching them. In the past on these same spots when the water clarity has been good, I always mark fish there. My question is this: Does the water clarity affect my machine as to keep it from marking that deep when it's dirty?? All machine settings are the same. I know that they are still down their because I keep pulling them up and taking em home with me. Why can't I see them in dirty water??
Water clarity does affect a sounders performance, the bluer,the better. Rough sea conditions can agitate the surface layer which can decrease performance. Also plankton and feed layers can have an affect.

Thanks Snips. Would this still apply even though I range the machine @ 100' and shift to see bottom at 700'?? Any settings come to mind that I could tweak?
Even though the sounders displayed range is 100-700ft it is still transmitting from 0-700ft.
You can lessen the short range clutter by increasing the TVG level but you still are transmitting/receiving through than top 100ft of the water column.

Thanks Snips. I'll Turn the TVG back to high and try it.