VX2 ?'s



1) Can Waypoints, either some or all, be hidden or must they always be displayed on the chart plotter?'

2) My tracks seems to erase (oldest to newest) rather quickly. What adjustments can be made to the track recording to get more out of the track memory?
1) To prevent all but the active waypoint from being displayed on the screen: Choose the Plotter display; press [Menu]; choose “Chart Setup”; choose “Chart Configuration”; choose “Waypoint”, set to OFF.

2) You can do one of two or both things.
a. Allocate more of the mark/track memory to track. Choose the Plotter display; press [Menu]; choose “Chart Setup”; “Tracks and Marks Control”; choose “Memory”, Edit, and set a higher number for the tracks allocation.

b. Change the method and/or the interval the tracks are laid down. Choose the Plotter display; press [Menu]; choose “Chart Setup”; “Tracks and Marks Control”; choose Interval and set time or distance as the way you want the tracks laid down (distance uses less memory). Then set the one chosen “time or distance” Interval to either a longer time between points or a longer distance between points.
Thank you for the prompt and thorough replies. Good info. Another question: The trackball on my 10.4" can be a little stiff at times, from time to time. Not a big deal but is there any easy fix, maybe something that can be applied to the ball to provide some lubrication?
You can remove the trackball by turning the retaining ring 1/4 turn ccw. Remove the trackball and clean the ball with warm soapy water. Use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean the trackball housing.

If cleaning is no help, I suggest replacing the trackball assembly when you have some downtime as a permanent fix.