VX2 & PG500 Heading Problem



I have a VX2 network with 3 screens, DFF1, Sirius, etc... I recently added the PG500 and for the most part it works great.

I have gone thru the calibration process and when I turn on the power it starts up goes to a solid led and auto lights. From time to time though my radar overlay can be off by up to 12 degrees or so.

A couple weeks ago we went out for a harbor cruise for an hour and a half at about 7.5 knots. Being a harbor cruise it was more like a full circle. Early in the cruise the overlay was bang on. As we continued in our large circle we slowly got overlay problems to 12 degrees and I forgot what happened at the end.

We took a long trip from Oceanside, CA to Long Beach, CA and that trip was a straight line. Most of the time the overlays were bang on. Other times the overlays were off 3 to 4 degrees.

A couple of times I went down below to see if there were any blinking lights and they were all solid at the time I looked.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

By your description of the symptoms, I would consider recalibrating your PG500R. The reason I say this is you have described that the compass has the correct heading allignment in some directions while being off up to 12 degrees in others. It has been my experience in these cases that recalibrating the compass will almost always solve this. I have attached a copy of the instructions on how to complete this. Please try the recalibration process and let us know how it turns out after it has been completed.



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