VX2 and C-MAP card Not Working



I have a VX2 system and recently purchased a previously loved NT C MAP card M#US906LX3. I inserted the card with the unit powered off, then powered up the unit. The unit gives it's normal "beep" upon power-up and the screen color changes shades slightly but then does nothing else. If I remove the card the unit powers up as usual. If I insert the card with the unit powered up already the unit is completely unresponsive upon the press of any buttons. I am not very familiar with this unit as I just purchased the boat and any previous plotters I have had utilized pre-loaded charts. Am I doing something wrong?
The first step would be to ensure you have up to date software in the unit. There have been changes with newer chart cards that require newer software in the machine. Please check the program number. (MENU - SYSTEM CONFIG - SYSTEM SETUP - TEST & CLEAR - MEMORY I/O TEST - DISPLAY UNIT TEST) Please provide the full program number that it shows at the top of the screen.
I thought of that as I was researching but discounted it because the date on the card is March 2004 and the Unit is a 2008. I will confirm once I get home and can follow the procedure you listed.
If the card is older than the unit; it sounds like you have a bad chart card. I have seen chart cards completely take down a unit. Try a known good chart card in the unit.

It is still a good idea to also keep your unit software up to date, regardless. Let us know....
It was indeed a bad card. I didn't have another card so i borrowed one and it came right up. I got my money refunded so all is good except I have to use my back-up plotter this weekend.