VX1 Control Head Noise



One of my two 7-year-old NavNet 1 control heads has started making noise (while the other one is absolutely silent). The noise is not an electronic noise but, rather, it sounds to my uneducated ear like a noisy small electric motor. The NavNet unit is sealed, and I'm reluctant to go inside. I'm wondering whether the noise is an indicator of impending failure--in which case I'll make an effort to deal with it immediately. (I'm about to begin a trip away from the USA and I don't want a failure while I am away!) It's my guess that it's a fan motor that's just getting old and noisy and it's not an indication that failure is near.

Anyone have any ideas or recommendations?


Milt Baker, Nordhavn 47 Bluewater, Southwest Harbor, ME
I would guess you are correct with the FAN. If you are taking a trip; it would be better to have it serviced. A unit this age normally is overdue an internal battery replacement and could be done at the same time. (Software update is also recommended but all units on the same network should be done)
Many thanks! Am I correct in assuming that this is something that can be done by my local Furuno dealer?

I understand the internal battery is to retain system settings while the unit is powered down. If I keep the unit powered up 24/7 (which I do for the six months per year I'm on the boat) I'm guessing the likelihood is low that I'll lose my settings. Am I on-target on that?

And what does the software update include--mostly housekeeping and bug fixes?

Thanks again,

--Milt Baker
Yes, your dealer in Seal Cove should be able to fix you up locally. The software helps resolve a few minor issues depending how old the software is. Mostly, the software is for keeping the unit up with the times. Newer chart cards used with older unit software can be unreadable etc..

You are correct that the battery keeps all your settings and points in the unit. The settings include your radar heading alignment and if you power it off it is a bit of a pain to set everything back up and lose your points. A backup memory card can quickly restore the setting/points but most people with a NN1 don't have one.

Hope you have a good trip. :sail
Many thanks again! I'm in touch with my dealer and he says he should be able to handle this quickly before I depart for Nova Scotia and the Bras d'Or Lakes. He's ordering the replacement fan and batteries, and installing the new software shouldn't take long.

Thanks for your help. This board, and its knowledgable moderator, are a great help.

Have a great summer,

--Milt Baker
Just read your comments about the noise in the VX1 control head. I also have a 7 year old unit that has just started doing the same thing. Do you recall how difficult it was for the dealer to replace the fan and batteries. About how much would the cost be? Any information would be appreciated.

Hope that trip to Nova Scotia last summer was nice.

Rich Henry