Voltage Drop w/ VX1 ?



I have been experiencing one of my two rd139 displays periodially rebooting. It is always the same one; never the other one. Both are wired to a nearby busbar with appropriate in-line fuses. Fuses do not blow.

Reboot seems to happen when I trim one engine or hit a trim tab button. It does not always happen though.

I run 3 batteries on a twin outboard. One dedicated house, one port, one starboard. 3 separate battery switches. House power goes to a 12v panel in the cabin. Busbar in console is powered by breaker switch on 12v panel (house power).

I am assuming that the display is detecting a voltage drop and powering off momentarily. How do I track this down and correct? Batteries are in good shape with onboard 3 bank charger. Thanks!
I agree with your thoughts. It does sound like the power is causing the display to shutdown. It could be that display is a bit more sensitive to power flux than your other one. Have you tried swapping the displays and see if maybe the other leg is good enough for this display? If the problem stays at that same position, you will have more data to show that it is related to power and not the unit. It might take a dealer with an oscilloscope to chase down the flux/noise source. It might be easier to add a power conditioner to that station. (Like NewMar brand) http://www.newmarpower.com/DC_Power_Con ... oners.html