v2.11 and Hotpages


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I see now that Importing User Setup after the upgrade to v2.11 did NOT exactly restore previous hotpage settings. We didn't lose info from the two useful hotpages we had defined, but in our case, a new hotpage also appeared among those available, defaulted to camera input (we have no camera).

In any case...

Is there a way to create and save different hotpage versions of (for example) a single nav and a dual-nav screen?

I could find a use for one single navigation hotpage page set to raster chart, 2D, north up... and another single navigation hotpage pre-set-up with raster chart, 3D, head up, with sat photo overlay. And so forth. But it seems changing values on one single-nav hotpage changes features on all single-nav hotpages. Making those same changes individually while underway takes too much of my attention away from the helm...

Is there a way for multiple single-nav hotpages to coexist with different values?

I think I tried some of this after the upgrade to v2.07 but eventually gave up... I see nothing in the Operators Manual (Rev F) that addresses this exactly...

Hi Chris,
2.11 software does not allow you to individually configure multiple Plotter hotpages to show unique or custom variables. Whatever the settings are on one Plotter hotpage will be shown on the other Plotter hotpage. This is something we can present to the product development department as a feature that could be added in the future.

Got it, thanks. FWIW, I'd find that a faster way to change to different commonly-used plotter views. I don't have much in the way of other NN3D sensors (yet) but could also imagine the same utility for other types of hotpages...

Regards, -Chris