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Probably a dumb question, but I have not updated the software on my vx2 in quite some time and I am having the slow redraw rates using the new C-Map charts. Does the latest update include all the previous so that if I install 4.01 it will inlcude the fix for faster redraw times? I have copied the files on the SD card and am ready to update (though nervous about screwing something up) but just want to make sure this will alleviate the issues. Thanks!
The update will contain all the previous enhancements or corrections and will take care of the redraw problem with the new C-Map charts. If you followed the software download instructions and you follow the upload instructions it is highly doubtful you will mess anything up. However it is recommended that if you have a large number of waypoints, routes, or marks you might consider saving them on a separate SD card before you do the software upgrade. This is just a safety step in case something goes wrong, such as a loss of power, during the upgrade. But ordinarily all of your points will be retained.

Let us know how it worked out.

Hi Mellvile,

Similar question, I've got an ~'06 Navnet 1. Where do I found the sofware upgrade?

What will the latest upgrade improve?

Go to www.furunousa.com and under the products tab click on Previous Products. Then click on NavNet 1. From there find the model you have and select it. Under the software tab you will find our history that will tell you what changes/improvements have been made from your current version. You might find that your unit is already up to date or that a newer version does not add anything for your uses.
If you wish to precede with an upgrade I strongly recommend that the unit be sent in to Furuno at our Camas facility and let us do it. Unfortunately the NavNet One is not as easy as with the VX2 model. If you read the update instructions I believe you will agree. If you wish to attempt this on your own please contact our technical service department for assistance.
Will software updates for 1834C/NT VX2 require any associated updates/changes for the ETR-6/10N sounder and a Simrad AP16 autopilot? I have not updated since 2005 install but want to use the latest C-Map mega-wide charts.

Thanks for any help before I mess up something that currently works!

Updating your software will not require any changes to your ETR or AP16.