update vx2



I have a VX2 that I just placed an updated C-Map chip in. The unit won't display new way points now and has trouble when the range is increased. I spoke to furuno and they suggest a software update. The unit serial is 4326-5701. The program displayed on the display unit test ends in 01.07. What software updates do I need? If it is more then one must they be done in increments or can I go right to the latest? Where do I get these updates? I'm assuming I will need several 2gb SD cards. How would i go about backing up my way points and other info. before I perform the update(s). thanks in advance.
Your software dates back to 2006 and needs an update. The software is now so old you will need to step upgrade it or use a special software. You should open an official support case with your local distributor to get the required software or contact your local dealer for service.
OK, spoke to furuno. Received the updates for 1.08 and 4.03. Loaded them no problem. My question, if you use the quick point feature and save it to the way point list shouldn't the way point show on the plotter display. My old ones, prior to installing the updated c-map chip still show but I added them by lat/lon. The unit won't navigate to the new way points either but will to the original list. I am going to try and delete these new way points and input them manually with the lat/Lon or the enter way point by cursor feature and see what happens. Am I doing something wrong with the quick point feature? the way points show in the way point list but not on the plotter display.
The new software wouldn't have changed the way the machine handles points/routes/QPs. It is most likely related to the user setup you had in the unit prior to updating. Did you save and restore your user settings? You can "GOTO" waypoint but you can't GOTO marks. There are optional settings that allow you to have more than one QP and use a quick route but you have to setup the machine for that. If all else fails, run thru those areas of the operator's manual. The software has changed to allow AIS, run faster, support some of the C-map chart changes, but not the way it works with routing.