Update on IP cameras


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Would it be possible to have an update on which cameras are supported on the Navnet3D that would also work with the MaxSea software ?

The document currently says:
As of April 2009, the following MPEG-4 capable AXIS IP cameras are compatible with NN3D: 207 / 211 / 212PTZ / 216FD /215PTZ / 225FD / 233D

Unfortunately none of these are outdoor cameras... i would like to know about camera installations on boat using Navnet 3D and which camera works and if they have been modified to withstand the weather.

Axis no longer sells IP cameras that work with the NN3D. (unless you have the newer version BB processor). If you search previous threads there is a lot of good information about exactly what the NN3D requires.
The case and the hardware inside it are different between the old and new BB. It would most likely not be cost effective to try swapping parts out. The best option would probably be to sell your old BB and purchase a new one.