update firmware on 511



I have a 3 year old NavNet 3 system on my trawler. Last summer when updating maps and adding Canada I had a dealer update the firmware on my MFD-12 to 2.11. After the update the autopilot would work normally for several hours then would not accept a route. It will still reliably go to a point. After calling Furuno support while in the boonies of Canada they said I should update the firmware in the autopilot. I'm almost ready to go back in the water and would like to do this now. I've looked through the how to videos and other tech support but can't locate a "how to update firmware on a NAVpilot-511". Help?
The software and instructions are only available to authorized Furuno USA dealers. This process is not easy and if done incorrectly could make your autopilot unusable. The options for update are to contact a Furuno authorized dealer in your area or to send the control head(s) and the processor to our WA repairs section.