TZtouch V2

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Version 2 software should be released soon and at that time a complete list of features/changes will be listed. A few I can mention are the FLIR M series interface with target tracking and full control, and a "auto chart" select that automatically uses the best chart available. It will also add the ability to have your databoxes and radar control displayed on either side of the screen.

Stay tuned as there is more to come.
I am in the process of purchasing a TZ14. I assume that the new V2 software will be available as an update?
When exactly while this update be released ? And what is the procedure required to perform the update ?
thanks, Utah
The update is due soon, I just haven't been given an exact date.
The instructions should be posted with the software.
Any updates to report on when Version 2 software will be released ? And what exact changes/improvements it includes ? Was V2 shown at Fort Lauderdale Boat show ? Any YouTube videos on V2, as were available after last year's FL boat show ?
The last info I was given said it would be sometime in November. That hasn't changed. Once we get any information, we will post it here.
As Johnny said we will post the information on this forum just as soon as it is released.
We promise we won't keep it a secret. :)
Hi Melville and Johnny Electron,
Do you work for Furuno OR are you just independent moderators or end users like the rest of us ? Assuming you work for Furuno (which it seems like you do), shouldn't you go and find out the answers to the questions that we consumers ask ? Instead of just waiting for someone to give you an update and then pass it on. It is hard to believe that Furuno has not provided a release date AND a list of what specific changes/upgrades/modifications are coming in Version two (2).
We pay a LOT of money for these systems and are excited/anxious to find out what improvements/fixes are coming. I guess what I am saying is that we expect, as well as appreciate more definite answers from one of the market leaders.
Yes, Johnny and I, as well as all the moderators work for Furuno USA. We handle this forum on a volunteer basis and often devote our free time in doing so. The main thrust of our forum is to provide end-users with technical help and information that is not speculation or guesses sometimes found on other forums.
That being said I ask that you understand that there is always proprietary information within a company that is not divulged until ready. I can assure you that when we have a definitive date and feature list for version 2 it will be released. But in the meantime please see my first response to this thread for some of these new features that we can mention.
The reason for the timing question is for trip planning to areas where the downloads may not be easy to access.

With respect to the comments of Utah1, we are grateful for the help from the Moderators and do not want to blame the messengers. However, I believe that Furuno has failed those of us who were early adopters of the TZTouch system by not fixing the bugs more quickly and not being specific about a release date for V2. There is really no reason why Furuno could not realease V1.5 with the fixes for the existing problems and then release V2 with greater functionality. I am not a happy customer, could not recommend the system to others as it now stands and I hope the Moderators will pass this view on to the managers in charge of the TZTouch system. :(

TOTO & Utah -

I have forwarded your comments on to our product development department. They will in turn forward this information on to the parent company. On behalf of Furuno, I apologize for the delay in this software update and as soon as we have more information, we will post it.
Hi Calico Jack and Other moderators.
Thanks again for explaining the situation, and for responding to our questions on this forum on a volunteer basis. We as passionate end users, ( and especially in this case as early adopters of new technology) do appreciate your individual efforts to get us the information we are looking for.
However, it is still disappointing that no formal response has yet been received, and that your management/parent company (whatever you want to call them) does not treat this forum, or our inquiries with more seriousness and respect. Afterall, we are the "real customers" who buy your products ( I personally purchased ~ $ 20K worth of your products in 2012).
It's been an interesting adventure w/ the TZ14. My take is that 1) from a software standpoint the TZT system is somewhere between beta testing and ready for prime time; 2) Furuno is not Apple; 3) Tech support is as helpful as possible, but again, they are marine electronics experts not software engineers; 3) The decision to attempt full backward integration w/ previous equipment and NMEA 0183 has not been w/o issues and in the long run may not have been the wisest choice; 4) Furuno's user manuals are complete yet not clear; 5) TZT has enormous potential and someone had to go first; 6) VHF radios need to be NMEA2000 compatible. I have decided that I do not care to trust DSC data transfer to N2K/0183 interpreters.
We appreciate your patience and understanding. Even our parent company can’t provide an exact release date for software updates, because you never know if it will fail QA and have to go back for more changes/testing. Once the software is released from Japan to the distributors, Furuno USA does testing. I think it might be better in the future that we don’t provide estimates at all. It contributes to the constant “where is it questions” and disappointment. I will say that the new TZT software is really close to hitting the streets and it adds a lot of new features.
To Dave C : You have a good summary and some very interesting points. Perhaps Furuno needs to wake up and realize that the future of having good/superior electronics is to also have a good/superior user interface as well. To me, this means getting feedback from customers as to what they like/dislike, as well as what they would wish for in an ideal world. Perhaps this would be a good forum to solicit such inputs, but only if the "parent" company is willing to listen.

To Johnny Electron : It is perfectly understandable about having a release date slip if major bugs/flaws are discovered. This is life. However, I do not understand why we can not be told about the complete list of proposed software changes/improvements/additions that are "planned" to be in the next release. This is not Apple or Samsung releasing a new phone in which tens of millions of units are involved.
Rumor has it that V2 has been released outside the US and will be released in the US once Furuno US approves. One rumor had the date as 7 Jan, obviously now past. Confirmation from the moderators would be appreciated.

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