TZtouch & 3D machine foot print



The new machines are much wider than the Vx2 units , make it very difficult and costly to upgrade without major reconfiguration.I have a great working Furuno radar (2008) with northstar 6000i (This is a New England Tiara thing no two components from the same manufacturer) would love to have a helm with all the same equipment.But the Garmin is the only machine that will fit without major changes. How many TZtouch machines could have been sold if you could update in a few hours?
Thank you for your comments. The vx2 was a 10.4" display while the TZT14 is a 14.1" display. It is 1.4" wider and .3" taller. We're sorry it won't fit in your boat.
Any Chance there will be a TZT10 in the future? The 8" is just to small after having a bigger screen..
Furuno does not discuss on public forums future development plans.
Unfortunately there is no information available to share at this point in time.
Perhaps you can discuss with a local dealer the various options for your needs. Quite often they can make suggestions for redoing the helm to actually fit a TZT14.