TZT14 SD Card


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Does the left SD card that comes with the TZT14 have any data on it? When I put it in my laptop to do chart updates, it said that it needed formatting and the properties showed that it was blank. I thought perhaps my older laptop wasn't reading the card correctly so I decided to wait and ask here before destroying anything that is on it. With the card out, there are no charts and with it in there are so I'm assuming that there is data on the card. There didn't seem to be any driver updates available so maybe my reader just can't read that level of card. I have a newer laptop that I can take to the boat this coming weekend to try again. Thanks...
That card has ALL of the charts on it so it was good you didn't re-format it. You would have lost it all.

The cards are SDXC so it could be an issue with the older laptop.
It was a laptop issue. Newer laptop was able to read card. Chart update was relatively painless. Just need some time to download as files are large...