TZ Touch 9" second display


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Besides loosing redundancy of having a separate chart plotter. What can/can't be down with a second display with touch screen?
I'm not quite sure of what you are asking. The TZT9 is capable of displaying anything that any other TZT can display.
To save on costs...

Not install a second TZ Touch at a second station, Just a touch screen monitor. What functionality will I have with the touch screen monitor?

I have ordered a TZ touch 9", DFF1, PSU12, and 24" 4kw radar and an Airmar GH2183 for GPS/Heading sensor. That spent most of my "budget" I was looking for a less expensive option to display information and possibly have some limited functionality at a secondary station on my small sport fishing boat.

Besides replicating the TZ touch screen, what can I do with a touch screen? Should I look for a non-touch screen just to have the fish finder/charts/radar visible the second station?

Thanks for the quick reply!
I see a couple of issues with your idea. The first being that the screen in your link may be called bright, but the rating says to me it will not be useable in direct sun.
Secondly, the TZT9 outputs DVI-D in a wide screen format. Finally a remote touch screen must have a DVI input, a USB input, and be Windows Multi-Touch compatible.

If you just want to see what is on your TZT9 down below then a monitor with the proper DVI input and aspect ratio would work. Perhaps you might want to work with a local Furuno dealer to see if they have tried this, as many non-marine monitors will not hold up to the environment it will be subjected to.
I appreciate your response.. I having been talking with my boat builder and they don't have much experience with the TZ Touch. This is their first install of the TZ.

Hence my seeking knowledge....