TZ black box


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What would be the advantage of getting a TZ blackbox unit instead of the regular units?
Looking at purchasing an MFD system for a new boat in the spring.
What are the monitor requirements for the black box TZ? Does it require special Furuno Monitors?
Furuno should offer touch screen monitors soon or shortly after the TZtouch BB is available. Any Windows 7 or Windows 8 compatible touch screen will work. Even with off the shelf models; touch screen monitors are in high demand right now. If you have a mounting location that doesn't require water protection; off the shelf options can save a few bucks. When using one black box processor with two touch screens it make a good two station solution. Keep in mind that it is one processor so if someone changes something at one station, it changes at the other also. It works best when you have one captain that moves from location A to location B. Unlike the NN3DBB; there is no expanded mode. The TZtouch BB is much more weatherized than the NN3DBB and comes in at a lower cost. I was lucky enough to see the unit at a boat show and it is really fast.
When looking at the choices between the TZT14 or the TZTBB to connect a second display, it appears that the second display utilized by either, can only be a clone and that you cannot select different screens for that display. Is this a correct observation?
After doing a little research to find a suitable wide screen/super bright/marine grade/ multitouch monitor, some of the Hatteland and StealthVu options look to be meeting the Furuno TZT specifications. What other manufacturers should be considered? KEP and VEI come to mind but don't have multitouch wide sceen units that I could find.
Clone mode only for the BB = Correct
Furuno should have a touch screen offering soon until then I don't have any strong recommendations due to lack of feedback at this early stage. Hatteland would be a good choice if I were forced to pick from the current options.
I am looking for an alternative to an all-weather display for a TZTBB since the bridge is enclosed and the environment is controlled. Full sunlight conditions are not an issue. The TZTBB is advertised as compatible with " your choice of Multi-Touch Display." However, I am not sure about the compatibility of a 3rd party, off-the-shelf, display with regard to smooth and linear dimming. Can you shed any light (so to speak) on my dimming concerns?
A lot more is known now, compared to when this thread first started.
The TZTBB is now available for sale. If you wish to go with an off the shelf monitor solution, we would suggest a Windows 7 compatible DVI-D touch screen monitor that supports the wide screen video formats while requiring no dedicated driver installation for the multi touch function. We recommend the “Capacitive” type for multi touch rather than “Optical” type. 10 points or better is suggested. The feature you are looking for is normally called DIM to BLACK and some companies will state that as a feature.