Tuning a Furuno TZ14 with chirp DFF1-UHD B265lh

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Trying to figure out the best combination of settings to get the most out of my unit. I've done some research but have only found people talking about Simrad BSM-2 or Garmin. The terminology on my Furuno is a little different in some ways but others like TVG is the same. Can anyone give any insight on the best settings to use for shallow water say less than 150 ft and also deep water over that out to 2000ft?

Thanks for the help
You have asked a very good question. However the answer is not quite so simple as to say if you are fishing 200ft set your Gain to X, Clutter to Y, TVG to Z and you will have a prefect display. Unfortunately at this time our website is having a slight glitch and I am unable to attach any screen shots. Give me a day or two and will post a couple of shots and explain what the TVG/Clutter controls are actually doing.

Sounds good. Appreciate the response. I figured there wasn't a perfect answer to my question. I'm more so confused on the terminology on what the settings themselves do.

Also are there any setting that will read structure, bait, and fish better while running? I can mark bottom from idle to WOT at 50 mph no problem and mark bait as well but I would like to see if there is more left in the sounders tank. More definition maybe ?

look forward to your pictures and explanation
Below are a couple of screen shots that I think will help you see the difference in Gain and the TVG controls. These were taken during one of the first tests using the B-265. First is the Gain which is used to increase or decrease the UHD's gain through the entire water column.Gain.jpg Next is where I varied the UHD's TVG control. TVG stands for Time Varied Gain and is used to increase or decrease the UHD's gain only in the upper portion of the water column. Notice that the targets close to the bottom remain the same strength compared to the shallower targets. In both of these screen shots the Clutter control was at 0. The Clutter control (like Gain) works through the entire water column. It is used to help eliminate the weaker targets. Unfortunately I don't have a screen shot where I have gone from Min to Max on the Clutter control. But just know that the higher the Clutter setting the less you will see on the display. Hope these tips help.



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Thanks for the explaination and pictures. The pictures do an excellent job of demonstrating the effect of adjusting the TVG on the sounder.