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hi there
my new to me boat has a furuno rdp 149 mfd ,4 kw radome and , etr-6/10n network sounder.if i purchase a b260 transducer will i need to also purchase the mb-1000
to have sounder functionality on the rdp149 ?
The ETR-6/10n network sounder is also known as the BBFF1 network sounder. Here is a direct link to the product. ... sh+Finders
If the B260 transducer has a 10 pin connector on the cable then you would not need the matching box. (because it has an internal diplexer) If it is a B260 without an internal diplexer, then you would need the MB1100 matching box. If you haven't purchased the B260 yet; the one with the diplexer which would be plug and play with our sounder would be part# 526TID-HDD. Here is a direct link to the product. ... s+w%2fTemp

thanks for the very fast reply and the great customer service.
much apreciated indeed
tight lines
sorry to be a pain !
but if i was to also purchase a furuno fcv 295, would the transducer part # 526TID-HDD also be compatible
many thanks
NO... The FCV295 requires a transducer without a diplexer. The B260 for it would be part# 526TID-HDN. If you have a FCV585 with intentions of moving to the FCV295, the the best route would be to get the 526TID-HDN and the MB1100 matching box. When you upgrade to the FCV295, the MB1100 would be removed. (using the same transducer) You cannot use the diplexed version of the B260 with the FCV585 and then upgrade because the diplexer is internal to the transducer and cannot be removed.

Have you considered the in-hull M260? The fairing block for the B260 looks HUGE when installed on most v-hull boats. My M260 works great.