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Hi Guys looking at purchasing one or two trannies for my new 1150, i fish up to 500M of water chasing deep water trevalla and cod,however most of the time i fish in less than 100M chasing bottom fish,I have existing tranducers installed in the hull (through hull)and they are 200B-5s 1kw and 50B-9 1kw. I intend to connect the new sounder up to these for a few months while i get used to the sounder before i have to lift the vesel for annual servicing.I am looking for advice on which transducers i should purchase to replace these and the best position to mount them.
I was looking at the 2kw 200B8-8b for the shallow water and the 3kw 50 khz but not sure of the difference between the 50F-24H and the 50BL-24H/24H???.
I was also considering the Airmar R209 dual frequency as another option but do not want to go with another brand if i will get better performance from furuno transducers???.
Could anyone please give me thier thoughts on which way they would go in this situaation?.
Many thanks george
Thanks for your question. I would probably go with the R-209, it has all the characteristics you are looking for in one housing, plus it has temperature. If you go with two seperate transducers I would look at the CA50BL-24HR & the CA200B-8B. The "HR" series is the latest and greatest, it is more efficient than the older "H" series. Either combination will work well for you.

Thanks Snips i have also been told that the 28 khz 3KW is a very good transducer, my only query is if i am in 400 m of water and using 28khz wont my cone footprint on the seabed be massive and although fish could be shown on the sounder i could be 50 70 metres away from them?.
The R209 would be much easier to install as i have a keel running the length of the vessel and the furuno rubber transducers are going to have to be fibreglassed in to the hull (expensive) where as the r209 has its own fairing block and is much eaisier to install.
I have been told that the R209 is no where near as good as the furuno transducers so now i just dont know which way to go?.
Regards george
The general rule of thumb is that a transducers beam width increases as the frequency decreases. So you are correct that a 3Kw 28Khz ducer will have a wider foot print than a 3Kw 50Khz.

Righto guys its decision time for me, I am looking at the 220 b8b for the shallow stuff (FCV1150) and its either the 28 38 or 50hz 3KW for the deeper stuff i have heard that the 28 will put more power down deeper but it will obviously have a bigger footprint.As we all want the smallest footprint possible when bottom bouncing and i will only ever fish to 500 m maximum i am thinking that i do not need more power down deep and the 50 Kh will easily get to that depth with a smaller footprint can others who have some experience on this subject please comment and help me make the decision?. THese trannies will be glassed into the hull so not an easy or cheap change over for me>
Many thanks
Since it is not recommended to glass a R-209 into the hull I would use a CA50BL- 24HR.

Furuno makes many of their own transducers. The one that Snips recommended is a Furuno transducer.
If i was to mount the 209 as per instructons in hull with fairing block would i get as good as results with it ????.
As long as you mount the R-209 per Airmar's instructions it will work well for you. It's a good ducer that used on a lot of vessels.

George I have installed 2 wetbox inhull R199 (in a 5.6m FG boat) and a R299(In a 24' Grady White) and run FCV 295 in each boat. What type of boat do you have ? FG or Ali ? In my 5.6m FG I get outstanding performance! :jump In the GW the 200khz seems to fade at about 250m ( must be a sounder tuning setting) but the GW is probably 20-25mm thick. The 3kw 50khz works well.

Need more info, feel free to ask

Perth, NOR
HI Dougie Its an ex crayer so through hull is not an option due to hull thickness.I have purchased the 3kw 50 BL and the 2008-b 2 kw so should be the goodz once installed. I am looking forwaed to seeing if i have better definition in the shallow stuff(40-80M) running the 2kw 200 .I am looking at glassing these trannies into the keel when the boat goes on the hard stand (It has two in the bottom of the keel at the moment so i will replace those)

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