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We've been cruising the west and north coasts of France and have found that the tide tables embedded within nn3d are more accurate than those in the UK's 'bible' called Reeds Nautical Almanac, which uses the Admiralty tide tables.

Which does nn3d use, and to what date are they programmed?

Quick extra points:

I see that on the island of Jersey there are two tide tables. One is for St Helier, Jersey (correct), the other is for St Helier, France which shouldn't be there.

I also see that The Écréhous tide tables and those for Les Minquiers are labelled as being French. I assure you they aren't. They are part of Jersey which is one of the British Isles! Mind you, the French want them back and often stage symbolic naval attacks on them....using trawlers....

Best regards - Piers
Thanks Johnny.

Do you know to what date the tide tables are valid?


Is the tide information always given in local time, adjusted as necessary for daylight saving?

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The tide tables will default to the current time (local) in the middle of the screen. They do change based on your time offset setting (time zone) from GMT, so please ensure that is correct. The NN3D does have a Daylight saving time setting. (TZT does not) The tables (predictions) are updated at least once a year but sometimes more often if a problem is found. The NN3D released with Tides 01 in 2008 and in the 5 years since, we are currently at Tides 09. This means it has been updated on average about twice a year up to this point. For the NN3D, V2.11 with Tides 09 is recommended.
Thanks for the info, Johnny. I need to upgrade to 2.11 when I return to our home port (we've been cruising for the last 3 months).

It's interesting that the tide tables can be so different at times from the UK Admiralty tables. I'll see if I can get the bottom of it and let you know why. As I've said before, the tides in nn3d appear far more accurate.
Sorry Piers,
I was hoping that the web page would accept a system ID but after trying it; it won’t. If you don't have MaxSea software, then it looks like the best option is with your local Furuno Distributor (UK) who covers that area, or e-mail MapMedia directly. (mapmedia@mapmedia.com)
Hi Johnny,

Sadly, no-one in the UK appears to be interested in the tide tables so I suspect I'll just have to leave it.

The worst error is with Plymouth, one of two main British Navy bases. The Plymouth tide table is 100% inaccurate. Maybe the Navy doesn't use nn3d?