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In my travels through British Columbia and SE Alaska the past two summers tide and current prediction data displayed on my navnet 3D displays has not been correct. Furuno is apparently aware of this problem. Is anyone else experiencing the same? To date, working with a dealer, I have not been able to determine if a fix is in progress and, if so, when it will be released.

At present the predicted current information is only displayed for real time. There is no means to look ahead, for instance to the next day, for day to day planning purposes. This would be a useful inhancement for the 3D system.


Thanks for the question. Yes, we agree and we are aware of specific discrepencies in Tidal Data, especially in Canada, and we have been working on corrected tables that can be loaded into any Navnet 3D MFD.

We will be introducing this new tidal data to our customers in early Spring 2012 and it will be a relatively small file that can be downloaded quickly from the Internet.

Here is a link to the current tidal/current file: http://www.furunousa.com/products/p...is file is replaced with the new one. RadarX
Thanks for the info.

For the last 7-8 months I have been using a newer trial version of the tide data, apparently unofficially, from Furuno, thru my local dealer. It does appear to correct the tidal current info for the reference stations in Alaska. However it does not correct the problem when it comes to the subordinate stations. The data for these stations were just repeating the data of their reference stations without applying the local location's time and velocity corrections. Hopefully the new tidal data file, when released will take care all of the problems in Alaska, Canada, and wherever else they may occur.

Thanks again for the updated info. Will eagerly await the release of the new tidal data file,

Now that it is relatively late Spring 2012 I have yet to see the new tidal data file which was going to be available early this Spring. Guess I'll be relying again on sources other than my Furuno NavNet 3D system for my third summer cruising season north into Canadian and Alaskan waters for accurate tide and tidal current predictions.
I have compared tidal data from a number of authoritative sources and found large discrepancies between them as well as with TZ, so I have little trust in any data. In TZ MaxSea the differentiation between tidal current and ocean current data is very confusing and in the routing and log calculations you do not know what is being used. The ocean current data is also often wrong and in conflict with that available from NOAA where I believe MaxSea also extract their data.

Nevertheless, I find the consideration of these currents in TZ a powerful tool particularly when you moving about in the Gulfstream in a slow moving sailing boat. It would be appreciated if MaxSea could improve these functions along with the handbook documentation.
This tread and topic (NN3D) is NOT to be confused with MaxSea TZ. The NN3D tide info is based from information from the local hydrographic office(s). There have been changes to the tides data for the NN3D, for those individuals running older units.

If someone needs the newest tides for the NN3D; here is the link to the latest tide database:
http://download.mapmedia.com/tides/SDWW ... 01.dbs.zip

Please see the MaxSea software topic, for any discussions on MaxSea TZ.

If you find what you think is an error with the provided data, it is best that it is reported to the local hydrographic office. If you find a conflict between NN3D/TZ and the local hydrographic office; please report this with screen shots and as much information as possible to SUPPORT - ASK FURUNO A QUESTION.
I recently downloaded the tides file SDWW00TIDES06.zip (version 6) from the Mapmedia website. Should I use this file or the one you suggested?
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You are correct that version 6 is apparently the current version.
The link I was given by MaxSea is old.
Please use the newest version posted at the MaxSea web site.
I learned something. With 2.07 (Current) or older versions of software, the tide file will need to be "renamed", prior to loading it into the NN3D. The NN3D is looking for the tide file by name (version 01) and if you load a newer version (say 06) it really won’t use the file; unless you first rename it first (For example changing the 06 to 01, then load it into the NN3D MFD). This "oversight" should be changed with the next update software. See this is why smart folks like you read my boring posts. :wink7
Now I am really confused. The version 6 file works for me without any renaming. In fact when I re-named the file to SDWW00TIDES01.dbs and installed it the system refused to display any tide locations (no tide stations within 50nm message). It also indicated that the file was corrupt! I deleted the file on the MFD, renamed it back to SDWW00TIDES06.dbs and reinstalled it and everything is working again with the correct tidal data. Maybe it's a location thing - I am in Australia.
Thanks for the testing/follow-up. It seems I am being provided conflicting data from two different sources. I should have some better information on Tuesday or Wednesday to post. If the version 6 works for you without renaming, then it should be the same in the USA because we are talking about worldwide tides chart. More to follow...
OKAY..... I got the SCOOP!
The link I previously provided (post 6 on this thread) is the current version of tides (version 6) that has been properly renamed so the NN3D will use it. It turns out that you must not only rename the file but it has to be renamed (by Mapmedia) internally (hence the link). The next version of NN3D software WILL resolve this. If you download the normal (currently version 6) tides/currents and properly load it into the machine; it will not complain (but it won't really use it either). Any newer NN3D units are already updated with the newer data, but if you have an older unit, you can either update the MFD via the link I provided, or wait until the new NN3D software is released. The last I heard, new NN3D software would be available around the end of AUG. I hope this explains things.
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