Temp Graph with history



I have a FCV-295 and FCV582L on my boat. I like both units.

The FCV-295 has a temp bar across the screen but it would be really nice if the temp bar held a long period of history, say 30 - 60 minutes. I could then see how the temp was trending as I traveled to my destination. Is it going up or down? Large changes (.5 or higher) would be recorded instantly as a spike just like a rapid change in the bottom is displayed instantly.
Hello Bill,

Thanks for the suggestion and I agree that a history line graph of temp over the course of a day is a good idea. Right now, I'm not sure how it could be implemented on the display.

While this feature might be included in the sounder directly, if you interface either your FCV585 or FCV295 to a Navnet 3D Display or Maxsea Time Zero Software, we will record your track line based on color automatically!!!! This will give you permanent history track lines that can be used and compared over long periods of time. Furthermore, you can even program the trackline color changes on very small temp increments! In fact, I have a great video of this feature that I will post to our www site. When it is up, I'll reply with the link.

Thanks Again,
RadarX :furuno
I had an Interphase fish finder on my first boat, a 20 ft Shamrock. We loved this feature as we were travelling offshore. I also have a NavNet 1 chart plotter. Can this graph be displayed on this unit?
The NavNet 1 or Vx2 only show short time period temp graph when using a network sounder. It is just like your FCV295 or FCV582L. Only the NavNet 3D offers the new color/temp based track lines that Radar X was speaking of.