Target Information Display (ver 2.0)

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When I display the Target Information box in navigation mode, I can't seem to switch from one target to another. I have tried to unclick "tracking" for that target, but the target information keeps displaying. The only way I have been able to switch to a different target for information display is to restart the software.

I have also tried un-displaying the Target Information box and re-displaying it.
What target info are you discussing? ARPA, AIS...
What radar/AIS system are you using? Does it have current software?
I am talking about the data box, tcpa, cpa, speed, etc. I have now been able to switch between targets (just a simple double click on the target switches the input). My only issue is now how to unselect a target if you don't have another you want to monitor. It keeps showing it "forever", even though it is now miles away.

This feature is so helpful with AIS targets. I have not yet interfaced radar with MAXSEA. If I do, will the same feature be available for selected radar targets?

Is there a module needed to accomplish this interface? Any tricks to it? NN3D is already talking to MaxSea via Ethernet.

All software is current. NN3D 2.11, Maxsea ver 2
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