Stucked wind tranducer


Furuno Super Fan
My wind transducer is a Little bit "stucked", the wind wheel Needs about 13kts wind to start turning. Thats disappointing, because the expensive unit is about two years old.

Is there a "best practice" to get the wheel turning again at low wind Speeds, for example a Special "grease Point"??
The FI5001 is a sealed bearing unit and does not allow service. I would speak directly with your distributor about the problem.
Hi, Mine ceased up at about 20 months. I know I had 2 years warranty but just didn't have time to get it down. I eventually got it down and went to get it apart, destroying it. But I found the bottom bearing was a glob of rust. Very disappointed, especially now I found out the replacement cost. I hope the design and materials have been upgraded.
Sorry to hear that. Talking to dealers, comparable mast sensor units on the market are running about twice the cost and not fairing any better on average. Moving parts in harsh conditions is more complex than you might think. You still might want to bring the subject up directly with your distributor. Maybe they will still replace it for you. You could always consider a non-moving sensor like the 200WX. If you are a Furuno USA customer, I would send the unit into our service center with a letter that explains your case, to the warrantee department.
Update: I removed the wind wheel from the mast. It was quite easy to open it without doing any harm. The bearing was stucked. I gave the bearing a "Special Treatment" with a mix of WD-40 and Ballistol/Gunex. Ist now turning again since about 5 weeks, lucky me.

Franky spoken it is not okay that a whind wheel Fails after this short period. It is expensive and the "Job" of this Thing is well known. It is not to difficult to seal the unit/bearings so they can stand the salty air for a "lifetime".

On my fathers boat the wind wheel was turning for about 15 it is obviously no rocket science......