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I am having trouble starting up my nav net 12 inch MFD. It is my only net work MFD. It turns on and shows the Furuno logo then goes into a set up wizard which asks if I want to be in english then shows the master to be off. I re set it to on then hit save and exit and it goes back to the Furuno display and flashes in a purplish red color but will not show charts or radar. I tried reloading the software on a chip and after several attempts the machine did go to the plotter screen but shows no maps, and has X's thru all the radar and chartplotter functions. It doesnt seem to recognize or try to load the new software. Any thoughts or suggestions? This unit is just over a year old and still under warranty.
Fish Magnet-
Have you gone through the installation wizard after it is changed to the master? (DHCP on)
yes I did several times. DHCP seems to keep reverting back to "off" . It was working fine when I turned it off and then it wouldnt power back correctly up the next day
Have you tried doing a master reset? If you have alot of waypoints or routes they should be backed up to a blank SD card first. If you can't get the MFD to boot up in order to save the points don't do the reset yet. Call our service department in Camas, Washington (360-834-9300) or Denton, Maryland (410-479-4420) first. Please try and call while you are on the boat.
My MFD12 is doing the SAME THING! However, these boats are located here in Bahrain and I am only a temporary electronics person who has limited FURUNO experience. I emailed and received how to do the master reset. No change. Fish Magnet described my issues exactly! Any other suggestions?
Can you share here how to do master reset?

Thank you :furuno
1) Disconnect any network device
2) Disconnect any NMEA0183 Instruments
3) Hard-Power OFF the MFD8/12 by pressing on the “Power” key for more than 5
4) Press and Hold the [CANCEL] key
5) Start the MFD and continue to press the [CANCEL] key
6) The Cursor will appears, continue to hold the [CANCEL] key for 20 seconds
(after the Cursor appeared) then release the [CANCEL] key
7) The MFD8/12 will not shut OFF (unlike the MFDBB) but the Installation Wizard
should appear (confirming the Master Reset)