SD card error


Furuno Fan
I have two Kingston 2GB SD cards that I have been using for updates. With the system for updating, it is required for the MFD to write a file with the current status to an SD card, which is then read from a PC while online to determine what updates are needed. When I try to create the update file with the MFD, it takes some time and then comes up with an error box. The error box notwithstanding, the SD card appears to be written properly and the web connection gets what it needs to provide the needed updates. I have no idea what is going on, but I do find the error notice unsettling. And who knows, maybe something really is broken. Ideas?

I appreciate that the updating system is intended as an easy way to update all attached Furuno products. However, if it is not perfectly bulletproof then there is still value in the availability of the individual updaters.

The last two versions of NN3D software (2.05 and 2.07) have this error you describe. The process still works and the error isn't a show stopper. The error really should be a “SAVE COMPLETE” message. Furuno Japan knows about the error and we hope the next version of software will change it. Furuno USA suggests updating the system software by skipping this step entirely (as shown in our training video of how to do an incremental update).
Thanks for the info. My primary intent was to get it on the bug tracker, so good to know that has been done.

So far, it has been easy to do the MFD updates without using the long procedure. Unfortunately, I have not found a shortcut for doing the radar update. But given the infrequency of such updates it is not a big issue anyway.

Any radar software update required is done by the incremental software update (not combo) or as you stated via the full process outlined in the manual. Thanks for the input.