SC-30 to Navpilot 500


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My system is a NN3DBB,SC-30,DRS12,PG500R and Navpilot 500. The heading info for the
autopilot comes from the PG500R. The pilot works well most of the time but I do get
occasional heading errors. I would like to use the SC-30 for heading info.
My question is would the IF-NMEA2K2 be a good solution for this or possibly the Actisense
product for NMEA2000 to 0183 conversion and what PGN's/sentences are required?
How is your SC30 connected to your NN3D network now? Is it going directly to your DRS12, to a true NMEA2000 backbone via a "T" or to a IF-NMEASC interface box?
It is on NMEA2K backbone via T connector not DRS12. The backbone goes thru lower helm station where NN3DBB
and Navpilot 500 is located. I also have an actisence NGT-1 running to Maxsea PC.
Yes, with that connection, an IF-NMEA2K2 or Actisense NGW-1 could be used to interface to the NAVpilot 500 to provide heading.
I have purchased a IF-NEME2K2 and I would like to verify the proper way to connect to
511 processor. on the IF-NEME2K2:
1-cut port 1 (orange) wire convert to 38,400 output
2-insulate unused wires.
3. connect to N2K bus (includes SC-30).
On 511 processor:
1. connect white wire from IF-NEME2K2 to TB8-1 in-A
2. connect blue wire from IF-NEME2K2 to TB8-2 in-B
3. set processor heading input to "other" at 38,400

Are there any other connections or settings that should be made
such as the yellow and green wires?
Just want to make sure B4 I start as the processor is difficult to get to.

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1. Yes, cut orange for 38,400 baud and to get 100ms heading
2. Yes, tie back other wires so that they don't touch/short together
3. Yes, Connect to NMEA2000 bus once for it to change it's mode to high speed. Disconnect/reconnect (cycle power to IF-NMEA2K2) to the bus to start receiving data.

1. No. It's a little different coming from the IF-NMEA2K2...connect Yellow wire to TB8-1
2. No. Connect the Green wire to TB8-2
3. Yes. Set processor to 'Other' and '38,400' baud

No other wires need to be connected to get heading to your NAVpilot 500.
Thanks for the quick reply. I was wondering if I could use the same IF-NEME2K2 to send nav data to the
Processor (TB7 or TB6) if so how? My IF-NEME2K2 firmware version is 1.4.

In order to do that, leave the orange wire connected on the IF-NMEA2K2 and set the baud rate to 4,800 with compass type set to "other". Then, also connect the yellow and green wires going to TB8-1 & 2 to TB7-3 & 4. In other words, the signal coming in on the yellow and green wires from the IF-NMEA2K2 would be going to both TB8 and TB7.
According to the manual the HDG & HDT would be at 1s instead of 100ms would this be a problem for the autopilot
processor? Would it work if I set both TB8 & TB7 to 38,400 and cut the orange?

I asked that same question and apparently 1s update rate should be fine. It would not work because the NMEA port connection on TB7 only works on 4800 baud with no way to change the it.

The only other option would be to have on IF-NMEA2K2 going to TB8 for heading at 38,400 and another IF-NMEA2K2 going to TB7 for position information. I'm sure you're aware, but normally a plotter would be connected to TB7 so that the AP would follow a route or navigation information to a particular waypoint, but the current connection you propose would not allow for that.