RS232 port on the MFD-12?



I'm upgrading a boat from the 1734C display to the MFD-12 display. One of the devices on the boat requires RS232 NMEA for heading and positioning information. The device was connected to DATA 3 pin 1 (TD_DT) and pin 7 (GND) on the 1734C display. Which data port should I connect the device on the MFD-12 or do I need to use a RS422 to RS232 converter? I don't know if the MFD-12 is capable to output RS232 NMEA.
The NN3D offers NMEA 2000 and RS422 NMEA 0183 input/output.

If you need to provide data to an RS232 device, it is best to add a level converter (RS422 to RS232) unless you have another device that you can use to translate; like the NavPilot 500.