Rotoknob falling off



I've got TZT14 that's installed at semi-shaded location at the helm. While wiping the screen recently (very gently btw), I ended up with the rotoknob in my hand :(
Thought it was a simple matter of reseating the thing, but now it does not want to stay in place and keeps coming off every other day, even if I barely use the thing. Also, on a separate occasion the little plastic plate of the power button came off - turns out it's held in place by a piece of double-sided tape!?

The unit is less than a year old and to have pieces starting to fall off on a high-end product this soon is a major disappointment... :thumbdown

Sorry to hear about this. I am not sure why this happened to your Rotokey knob. If you pull it off, do you see the metal insert inside the knob (see attached picture). I am assuming that it might be missing and that is likely why you can't get the knob to stay on. Either way, let me know. I have a new knob with the insert sitting on my desk I'll send out to you. Just PM me your address. I'll look into the power button and see what I can find out about that as well. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.



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Thanks Stickman,

After reading your reply I checked the shaft and sure enough found the metal insert sunk deep onto it. After prying it out and reseating it into the rotoknob the thing went back like it should and all is well now :jump

Hope we can do the same trick on the power button - did you find out anything on that?

I have a similar problem - i will have a picture shortly - The rotoknob came off with the metal shaft attached - it appears broken - re-inserting it lets me turn but the button/click feqture is muted or doesn't work

Can you help me out