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Long time simrad user, building a new boat and want to switch to Furuno

I expect my new boat is going to production in the next month ( 34 SeaVee, ) I fish out of Pt Canaveral, mostly 120- 250' and out to 1500' for deep dropping.

Here is the list I have put together:

2x TZT16F multi function displays
1x SCX20 satellite compass
1x 225T-SS904 High Chirp Sidescan transducer plugged into the TZT itself
1x DFF3-UHD 2kw 3kw network sounder
1x DFF3D multibeam network sounder
1x 165T-PM542LM combo transducer plugged into the DFF3-UHD and the DFF3D
1x DRS12A-NXT 4' x 12KW Doppler Radar
1x BBWX Sirius Weather Receiver

Honestly, $$ is not an option, just want to make sure I have everything. Is there anything else I should consider? Change?

Lastly, with simrad, updating meant I had to download everything on sdcards, does Furuno offer web updates or am I still on with manual downloads?

SeaVee makes a nice ride. I was just on their new 45' and they are sweet. You seem to have the dream system listed except I don't see anything for autopilot or VHF. The TZT3 is now updated by USB or Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is easier as long as you have good signal and thru-put.
FWIW, I just installed a pair of 16" TZT3 screens and updated from via WiFi. Worked perfectly. In my case, my slip is close enough to the house that I had a good WiFi signal. I'm assuming I could have connected to my iPhone and done the same, though.
Regarding the Autopilot, I'm having the Mercury Joystick installed which comes with an autopilot built in. On my simrad's I could control it from the display, hope that is the same with Furuno.

Radio is going to be a Fusion Head which SeaVee is recommending. I believe they have the MS-RA670 on the build sheet...

Good news on the updates!

Any thoughts on the single vs dual sidescan transducer? Is the dual that much better?
If I was specing the list I would probably change the DRS12A-NXT out for the DRS25A-NXT (higher power and better target separation) and change out the fusion MS-RA670 for the MS-RA770(I like the touch screen option over tactile buttons, just personal preference).
The single sidescan vs the dual really just comes down to mounting availability (typically a keel gets in the way warranting the dual option). They produce the exact same image otherwise.