RDP149 Refresh Rates



I recently upgraded one of my NavNet1 displays to a VX2 unit hoping that the chart refresh rates would be faster. I have found that it is no better than the NavNet1 display. I have checked the software version, and it is current.

Is there anything that can be done to improve the refresh rates?

Can the Navnet3D display be used with the components (radar, sounder) from a NavNet1 system?

Is the refresh rate on the 3D units any better?


NN3D or TZTouch has no redraw with the TimeZero technology.
With the Vx2 the redraw is more frequent if you run Auto Course Up; normal CU is better. C-Map is faster than Navionics programming in the Vx2.
Many of the hardware items of NN1 and Vx2 can move up to the next series, but not the radar, or the display units themselves.