RDP-139 display failure



I have an RDP-139 which was operating correctly, but after powering the unit I find that the display/screen has stopped illuminating. The keypad illuminates and the alarm/speaker chirps when the buttons are pressed. I carefully removed the rear case and found all of the cables to be secure. What should be my next course of action?

Mike Gray
Is it just the backlighting or do you get nothing on the screen?
If you get nothing,I would remove any chart card and cables then trying powering it up with just the power cable connected. If it still has problems, you might try a factory reset (which will clear any points and settings) by holding CLEAR as you power up the unit until you see the language screen. If that doesn't work, then it looks like your unit needs service. I would suspect the LCD assembly. If that is bad, it would be more cost effective to replace the unit with a 10.4" Vx2.

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