RD33 not waterproof



I have two RD33 units installed side-by-side. After washing the boat I found that one display was all fogged up from the inside. Not the first exposure of my helm to water - quite a few washes and nasty weather, but never a problem with this display.

So, I gave it a few days in the sun to clear itself, and after moisture seemingly went away I tried turning the unit on. It made the startup beep but I did not see anything on display, that is until it got dark and I took off my polarized sunglasses. Apparently the display brightness just decreased to almost zero, though it is set to max. Is there a cure for this other than warranty replacement?

P.S. My FLIR cam JCU also fogged up from inside on a separate occasion, and they just replaced the unit. Am I lucky or what? :sorry
I would really be careful when washing a boat; especially if done with a pressure washer or high pressure hose. Most units are not rated for much more, than a free running water hose. If the unit is under warrantee, it can be evaluated by our service center. If out of warrantee, I have seen folks open the electronic units up and dry them out and then place desiccants in an out of the way space inside the unit. That would help prevent any reoccurrence. (As long as the original cause doesn’t happen again)
It would be best to pull the unit and have it checked before more damage is allowed.

It was not a pressure washer, not even a jet nozzle, just a light sprinkle. Not more than a good rain would bring. And it was not directed at the instruments, but windscreen above and forward. All other items at the helm survived without getting all wet inside, including the other RD-33 installed side-by-side.

I will have local Furuno dealer look at it next week, as the unit is less than a year old.