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Note I have been providing the RD33 display with the PD150 (Airmar) wind instrument to some clients with very possitive feedback as an alternative to normal wind tracking devices which only provide limited information. As PB150 is no longer available I was sold the PB200. Note I had trouble for the display acceting this instrument. After searching for some info on the web noticed that PB150 used NMEA 0183 and PB200 uses NMEA200. Please advise necesary converters or cables needed for propper installation of these 2 devices. If anyone had specific diagram drawings for cablying, it would be highly appreciated.

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Ricardo Negrette
Marketing Manager Radio Marina de Venezuela
You can use the optional NMEA 0183 cable (p/n AIR-339-101) with the PB200 instead of the included NMEA 2000 cable.
Will this convert NMEA2000 signal from PB200 to NMEA0183? or does the RD33 accept NMEA2000?
Although the RD33 has the capability to convert N2K to 0183 the cable mentioned by Johnny will use the 0183 output of the PB200. The PB200 will then output the following sentences:
•$GPDTM......Datum Reference
•$GPGGA......GPS Fix Data
•$GPGLL........ Geographic Position—Latitude and Longitude
•$GPGSA.......GNSS DOP and Active Satellite
•$GPGSV.......Satellites in View
•$GPRMC......Recommended Minimum GNSS
•$GPVTG.......COG and SOG
•$GPZDA.......Time and Date
•$HCHDG......Heading, Deviation, and Variation
•$HCHDT......True Heading
•$TIROT.........Rate of Turn
•$WIMDA......Meteorological Composite
•$WIMWD....Wind Direction and Speed
•$WIMWV.....Wind Speed and Angle
•$WIMWR.....Relative Wind Direction and Speed
•$WIMWT.....True Wind Direction and Speed
•$YXXDR.......Transducer Measurements
You really have two ways to connect the device(s).
1. Build a NMEA 2000 backbone and connect both unit via NMEA 2000
2. Use optional NMEA 0183 cable for each item and wire up properly.
Either way will work but since these are both NMEA 2000 items by default; I would recommend option one. You can use the Furuno FI-5002 for a simple backbone if you want.
Thank you fellows. I will try your options and revert.

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