Raster Chart - US West Coast v5 (?)


Furuno Fan
While downloading the latest raster charts I noticed that all of them were version 5 (the last digit of the filename before the extension) except for Region 5 US West Coast, which has a 6 instead. I assume this is an error - else I missed v5 somewhere. If so, someone might wish to fix it or else when version 6 comes out there will be confusion.

You are absolutely correct. That area does have a newer version number, than the rest of the US raster charts. This is because MapMedia had to do an out of cycle update to that area. I am not sure if they will attempt to keep all areas the same revision for simplicity or not. I hope they will, and I will pass the concern on to MapMedia. Thanks for the input.
Thanks for the info. Perhaps the next versions of both the vector and raster charts will be "7" - a somewhat tidier result. Too bad the file naming scheme didn't allow for .1 or .a versions, or wasn't used.