radar chart overlay



I am new to Navnet 3D, awesome unit. I have the pg500 heading sensor so I should be able to have the radar overlay on the chart, how is this done????

Thanks for your time
By default your PG500 compass will output heading updates at a 200ms rate. You should ensure that you change the update rate to 100ms or faster for your NavNet 3D. It is shown in the manual but you will be holding the DAMP button on the compass as you apply the power cable to the compass. When the lights start on the compass you should start pressing the DAMP button over and over. You will see the lights toggle and change. You want to press the Damp button over and over until the unit shows THREE lights. This is the 100ms setting. Stop pressing the button and let the compass finish booting up. You should ensure the baud rate on the port were you wired the compass is set to 4800 to match the compass. Under the data port settings in the wizard put a checkmark for HEADING under INPUT data. Lastly go under the tab GLOBAL - DATA SOURCES and ensure you select your heading source as the port your just wired the compass to. When you exit the wizard, your compass icon at the top right should NOT have a X on it. You should take the radar to transmit FIRST. (This can be done by holding the TX key on your keypad for 2 SECS or clicking on the radar icon at the top right) Once the radar is transmitting, from your plotter screen rotate your roto-key and select OVERLAY; then Select RADAR. You should now have radar plotter overlay displayed.

Glad to hear you are enjoying your unit. :jump
Thank you, I knew it was possible just could not find anything about it anywhere, even in the training videos.

So, here is a suggestion, do a training video on it, it is hard to imagine that anyone that has experienced radar overlay wouldn't want it with the latest and greatest unit in the marine world.

I guess until the newness of the unit wears off, I have a hard time concentrating on sailing, just want to motor and play with the mfd8.

Thanks for building great product and your customer service is awesome, enough said.