Problem need help Furuno FCV 620



Hey guys

I'm having a little problem with my furuno 620.
The transducer is about 1yr old the unit I have no idea because its been with the boat since I bought it about 3yrs ago.

It has been working perfect up until yesterday. I had not taken the boat out in 10 months between work and house remodel I was consumed and now things are back to normal and I can go out again.

We headed out and for some reason the unit will change scales from 50ft to 2000ft on the fly and it won't read any depth or show any bottom.

Here you can see a video of what happens. Rocky boat and phone video sorry for the quality

Here is my ducer

I tried unplugging the system and even rebooting back to factory settings and nothing worked.

Does anyone know what could be wrong here or had this happen to them?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Unit appears to be in auto mode and seeking to find bottom but can't find it. Did anyone paint the boat or transducer lately? Sounder is reacting just like it doesn't have a transducer connected. I would try hanging a good transducer off the side of the boat and test. Most sounder issues are transducer related, not the unit it'self.
Thanks! I went back to the boat yesterday and found the problem :(

The transducer cable was cut some how
I'm thinking I will solder it back together until I can afford to just upgrade to a 1kw unit. If that does not work I'll just buy a transom mount one and be done with it.