PBG on TZ touch


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Do you know if the TZ touch will have a PBG program in the future? Or would I need to purchase a maxsea program and hook up to a laptop?
The TZtouch doesn't offer the Personal Bathymetric Generator (PBG) function like MaxSea TZ Explorer (w/PBG module) does. I haven't heard of any plans to offer this function in TZtouch. You might make the suggestion to the development folks under that area on this forum.

Wondering if there has been any progress integrating the PBG with the TZT since this last post?

I run the tzt14 and its a great unit, fast and reliable. I also have maxsea/PBG on laptop and would be great to use just one unit.

Also, do you know if there is meant to be a preloaded base database for the PBG from factory? I can activate both PBG icons (top/bottom of screen), icons go yellow, no error messages in top ribbon however, gi et nothing plotting in either 2/3D....i have been into options menu, min depth set at zero, brush width 50m etc....its like there should be a base map which you improve resolution with in time....

Any suggestions welcome (btw US pbg running with local (oz) navionics charts).