PB200 & RD30 at Nav table



Not specfically a Furuno question but involves Furuno gear.
I am trying to update & rationise my instruments/sensors.
I have a N2000 backbone with PB200 at masthead, Gp330b , maretron sc200 & Rd33 in the cockpit. I am hoping to output nmea0183, fast heading & position, from the Rd33 to the RDP148 & leave the gp320b for the RD30 below, & separate the systems creating a low draw 0183 network. (Plus redundancy)

My question is how do I supply power to the PB200 for nmea0183 without powering up the N2000 backbone. Airmar states they can be used simultaneously, but not separately?
Airmar have the 0183 red & black disconnected.


Does this sound reasonable goal or impractacle?
Thanks in advance.
The RD33 manual shows that it can output heading via NMEA 0183 using the optional cable, but if your goal is to shut down the NMEA 2000 bus and directly take 0183 data from the PB200; I would suggest you speak with Airmar.

By the looks of the drawing you attached, it looks like it gets power by NMEA 2000 when running in NMEA 2000 mode and then it get hard wired to power (using different wires/pins) for NMEA 0183. You might have to rig a relay that releases when NMEA 2000 power is lost that will switch on power to the 0183 wires. This way even if your NMEA 2000 bus shut off due to problems, the NMEA 0183 would automatically get powered and then kick in. I am sure at no time should you ever have both power wires connected at the same time. It would be best to discuss this with Airmar.