NOOOB Chartplotter with Fax30 queston



Hi, I'm having a small cruising sailboat designed and built. I've sailed some but I'm mostly a noob especially with marine electronics. In any case my designer wanted me to come up with a list of equipment and after reading forums for the last few days I have kind of settled on Furuno for the electronics. Actually I was about to go with Gamin because I like the road GPS units except evidently they put a magnet in the chart plotter and you need to keep it 32" away from your compass which annoyed the crap out of me. I mean that's a big separation for a small boat.

In any case I was planning on getting an MFD 8, a bunch of instruments and also a Fax30, but as I read about the Fax30 it says something about requiring a 10.4" inch display so I'm wondering if this won't work with the MFD 8. Thanks in advance.
Yes, the FAX-30 system is compatible with the MFD8. The 10.4" requirement is referring to the older NAVnet vx2 system.
Cool! Thanks a lot. Like your icon BTW. I'm a big time Dungeons & Dragons player.
You're welcome. Thanks...It's one of my favorite avatars.