NN3D and tank level monitor



Has anyone been able to successfully hook up a N2K tank sender with their NN3D? I purchased Maretron's ultrasonic sensor, tlm100, naively thinking that the Furuno unit would be able to output the signal to the screen. While the sender turns up on the network map there is nothing on the display and Furuno states that the sentences cannot be read and they do not know of any way to hook it up and there is no update in the works at this time. It seems to me that this information would be most useful. Is there some work around or a hack for the system?
You made the mistake of assuming compatibility; unfortunately it is not always so. It really is necessary to check. The Maretron datasheet for the TLM100 specifies the fluid level output is PGN 127505, every 0.4 sec. The Furuno MFD manual, and NN3D PGN list, do not show 127505 as a recognized PGN. This is the list: http://www.furunousa.com/ProductDocumen ... 20PGNs.pdf

I can find no display for fuel or fluid level in the MFD manual. So there is no support for that function at all. I know some competitors do have that support, and sometimes for multiple tanks. I think the thing to do is to request that Furuno add that PGN and a display screen, which might produce a long term solution. You might start a new thread under the requested features part of this forum. Short term I'm afraid the only thing I can think of is buying a small display from Maretron or others to display the fluid level.

I just checked: the TZtouch displays do recognize and display PGN 127505 for up to 4 tanks. The good news is that it would not be a great effort to port that software back to the NN3D. Whether they will do that or not is another matter. Start pushing...